About PriceEarnings Capital

Headquarted in the Dubai International Financial Centre and regulated by DFSA, PriceEarnings Capital is a financial services organization offering services that include integrated asset management and specialist investment advisory.

Capitalizing on the structural shift of wealth distribution to Asia and other emerging markets, the company was founded with the intention to offer a superior and sophisticated level of advisory as an answer to the growing appetite for specialist investment product advice in the Middle East.


PriceEarnings Capital follows the model of External Asset Management (EAM), also sometimes referred as Independent Asset Management (IAM), or Independent Financial Advisory (IFA). In this model, while the assets of a client remain with the bank, the wealth management is the domain of an appointed licensed external manager.

Why PriceEarnings Capital

PriceEarnings Capital understands that the client is pragmatic and more astute than ever before when it comes to their decisions about financial products. Propelled by the need to offer truly transparent and independent advice, the organization provides an Independent and unbiased advisory to their clients, who are primarily Ultra net-worth individuals, family offices, trusts and corporates.