About PriceEarnings Capital

Headquarted in the Dubai International Financial Centre and regulated by DFSA, PriceEarnings Capital is a financial services organization offering services that include integrated asset management and specialist investment advisory.

Capitalizing on the structural shift of wealth distribution to Asia and other emerging markets, the company was founded with the intention to offer a superior and sophisticated level of advisory as an answer to the growing appetite for specialist investment product advice in the Middle East.

PriceEarnings Capital offers a high level of expertise in strategic advisory enveloped in a risk management framework. Above all, we focus on value for the client as well as a personal connection. A commitment to client’s requirements and willingness to go beyond expectations is the philosophy that drives the business forward.

Bridging the Digital Divide

The world is witnessing tectonic shifts in how we manage money. There is a generation of wealth creators who remember the pre-computer era and the next generation of wealth creators and inheritors who are digital natives.

PriceEarnings Capital is committed to bridging this divide between two generations of investors while still staying relevant. The company envisions a future where artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and automation will play a significant role in financial advisory.

PriceEarnings Capital has adroitly adopted technology for broader and deeper understanding of clients’ needs and more personalized services.